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The veterinary resources featured on this page provide useful information to pet owners on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care.

Taking care of your cat - excellent resources from Cat Friendly Home

Does your cat have arthritis?

Training your cat 

  • Did you know cats are naturals for agility training?
  • Check out the  International Cat Agility
  • There is lots of information on how to get started training your cat including videos
  • Cats get board if they don't have things to do - agility training helps both their mental and physical health and you will have fun, too
  • And if your cat is a star you can enter competitions!


  • Dr. Jen's Dog Blog — Read the adventures and musings of a behavior vet and dog trainer.
  • Food Puzzles For Cats — Learn how foraging toys can help cats overcome behavioral issues.
  • Stop the 77— Did you know that 77% of dogs bites come from the family dog or a friend's dog? This website has great videos to teach children how to interact with dogs with the goal of preventing dog bites.
  • The Muzzle Up! Project — Everything you need to know about muzzles.
  • Preventing Dog Bites — Learn how to avoid dog bites.
  • Liam J. Perk Foundation — Safety tips for families.
  • Dog and Babies  — Read this article to learn why you should be cautious about letting your baby be magnetized by dogs.

Highly Recommended Local Trainers who are great trainers and use positive reinforcement. Positive, consistent training has been proven to be the best way to help dogs learn.

Fear Free Pet Care

How to Give Medication

The best time to spay and neuter dogs 

Nutritional Information

Pet Grief Support

Fetch a cure - Companions in Crisis

Pet Poison Control

Veterinary Education


Animal Breed Associations

Pet Insurance / Payment Options

  • We recommend all pet parents should consider pet insurance. The best time to get insurance is when your pet is healthy and doesn't have any pre-existing conditions. We don't recommend any insurance companies. 
  • CareCredit

Video Tutorials

Teaching Your Dog To Wear a Muzzle

This video from Care for Reactive Dogs, shows you how to train your dog to associate their muzzle with rewards like treats and play.

Cats & Carriers: Friends Not Foes

Watch this video by the CATalyst Council about training your cat to use the cat carrier.

Earlysville Pet Resources