The Advantages of Laser Surgery for Pets

dr gruss vet tech catherine laser surgery While our hospital has offered Laser Surgery since 2001, we've recently added a new Aesculight CO2 Vet Scalpel laser. Our goal has always been to lessen the discomfort for pets undergoing surgery. With the assistance of this new technology, we're able to better achieve this goal.

Earlysville Animal Hospital offers the option of laser surgery for many of our surgical procedures for both dogs and cats. Unlike traditional surgical methods, the laser option offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced Pain — Lasers cut tissue with a beam of light, which seals the nerve endings so there is very little pain when your pet wakes up.

  • Less Bleeding — The blood vessels are sealed by the laser as they cut, so there is usually no need for bandaging after surgery.

  • Decreased Swelling — Using a laser seals the lymph vessels in the skin, which nearly eliminates any swelling after surgery.

  • A "No Touch" Surgical Technique — Lasers cut without touching any tissue, which eliminates much of the trauma associated with standard techniques.

  • Faster Recovery — Less bleeding, less pain, and less swelling means that pets undergoing laser surgery generally recover faster with fewer side effects.
  • More precise! — Lasers allow the surgeon to be able to perform surgery with more precision.

The laser option is available for many surgical procedures including: spays, neuters, growth removals and ear hematomas. Please ask us, and we will let you know if the laser option is right for your pet's surgery.