We use nutraceutical supplements to improve your pet's health. Benefits include improving the health of joints, skin, liver, the digestive tract, and memory.

earlysville staff neutraceuticals 350pxNutraceuticals are not classified as foods or drugs and because of that are not regulated by any government agency including the FDA (the food and drug administration). Most of the 15,000 supplement manufacturers in the United States never test their product for safety, quality, effectiveness or even to confirm that ingredients listed on the label are really in the product.

In September 2016, Consumer Reports once again examined 15 common nutraceutical ingredients that are available in stores and online and found that they all had health risks and none of the ingredients tested offered health benefits.

We have searched for years for quality supplements for our patients and have found a source that meets all our criteria!

Veterinarian Recommended Solutions makes supplements for dogs and cats that are backed by real clinical evidence. This company is owned by veterinarians and started by veterinary specialists who needed products that were superior to what was on the market. They have quality standards and check every product for purity and safety prior to shipment.

The clinically backed products we now have available include:

  • Omega Benefits - highly absorbable Omega 3 fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory. This product is backed by two of the largest double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials for both joint and skin health. A high quality product that has third party tested for over 300 contaminants and manufactured in CGMP and NSF approved facility.
  • Osteo Trubenefits - backed by cutting edge laboratory research and clinical trials showing efficacy for joint health. Consistent product using green-lipped mussel extract from adult mussels that are harvested from the ocean. They are immediately shucked and processed by cold extraction to ensure the most potent form that retains the important carbohydrate and lipid components.
  • Entero Benefits - prebiotic and probiotic formulation that supports oral and gastrointestinal health and is backed by research studies. The prebiotic is the nutrient source for healthy bacteria in the gut. Quality standards ensure that what is on the label is in the product. Independent tests of probiotic supplements available in stores and online show that many of them do not have in them what the label says.
  • Hepato Trubenefits - this formula supports liver health with the most absorbable form of Glutathione which is an antioxidant for the liver. It has the precursors for SAMe production for liver recovery. Hepato Trubenefits is administered with food which is much easier than most liver supplements which are administered when the pet is fasted.

We have all these products in the hospital ready to send home with your pet when your veterinarian recommends them. Refills are done directly from Veterinary Recommended Solutions - shipped right to your door.

Call us at (434) 973-9699 for more information or learn more about these products here.